Russia – Discover the Unknown


Go Russia Participation at ITB 2015 Travel Exhibition

Go Russia team successfully participated at ITB Berlin 2015 Travel Exhibition from 04 to 08 March 2015.

We are very happy to see that despite some political issues, there is a lot of interest for travelling to Russia.

Irkutsk and Lake Baikal

We continue publishing our customer comments about their holidays along the Trans-Siberian railway. At 11am we went to Ust Orda, a Buryat village about 70km north from Irkutsk. The Buryat people are the largest indigenous group in Siberia and the…

Yekaterinburg – Heart of the Ural Region

This is our first posting on the Trans-Siberian railway blog detailing some impressions of Go Russia travellers. Yekaterinburg  was founded in 1723 and developed as a fortress, gradually turning into the center of the Ural Region. It was here that…

Trip along the BAM Railway

I just wanted to let you know what a marvellous time I had on my trip. There were so many wonderful experiences, though sometimes the train journeys could be a little tedious! Often the company was interesting though. Everything went…

Reasons to go to Russia

Fed up with the usual annual trip to the Costa something or other? Why not plan something a bit more special and take a trip to Russia? Many still think of Russia as being positioned well behind the iron curtain,…

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