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Russia by Rail

Russia by Rail

Given the immense size of Russia, spanning two continents and eleven time zones, you could be forgiven for thinking that the best way to get about would be by air. You’d be wrong. The main way of getting around, whether…

Yekaterinburg – Heart of the Ural Region

This is our first posting on the Trans-Siberian railway blog detailing some impressions of Go Russia travellers. Yekaterinburg  was founded in 1723 and developed as a fortress, gradually turning into the center of the Ural Region. It was here that…

Moscow Railway Stations will be Transferred into Mega malls

Moscow has announced plans to transform its railway stations into mega-malls. Around $ 300 million will be invested into the project. The stations will accommodate shops, restaurants, offices and hotels. Paveletsky railway station will open a summer terrace with cocktail…

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