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Long-awaited news! Russia & Mongolia resume railway connection

The Trans-Mongolian railway has resumed its service from Russia to Mongolia and vice versa. The railway connection was interrupted for almost 2 years because of the pandemic and is now ready to take on board the first travellers from the 29th of April 2022. The current train schedule is the following:

  • UB-Irkutsk: Departs UB on Saturdays, Sundays at 15:22 UB time and arrives in Irkutsk on Sundays, Mondays at 15:15 AM local time.
  • Irkutsk-UB: Departs Irkutsk on Tuesdays, Fridays at 07:57 local time and arrives at Ulaanbaatar on Wednesdays, Saturdays at 06:38 local time.

Travel facilities remain with no changes – you can select between 1st & 2nd class tickets.

Just to remind you, we offer a big variety of Trans-Mongolian tours, you can start jour journey from Moscow or St.-Petersburg, all the way towards Ulan- Bator. You can also visit Vladivostok at the same time, we offer different options. Please check our website for available tours.

Our 2 weeks itineraries bring together the highlights of a Russian Trans-Mongolian rail journey with a more comprehensive dip into Mongolia’s wild national parks than most visitors allow themselves to experience. You’ll receive a warm welcome throughout your trip and learn a lot about the rich cultural heritage that characterises both nations. From the bustle of cosmopolitan Moscow to the vast empty spaces of the Mongolian countryside, this is a varied and most enjoyable tour.

The last but not the least is to remind you about the entry rules to Mongolia and Russia. All travellers have to provide a negative PCR test taken 48h prior to their departure date.

Currently you can arrive in Russia via Istanbul with Turkish Airlines. There are no any flight restrictions with Turkey.

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