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Travel to Russia in 2023. Start planning your holiday today

Reviewed: 22/01/2023

Tours to Russia and Mongolia

We continue operating our tours to Russia and Mongolia and we have updated departure dates and prices for most of our packages in 2023.

In 2022 we had customers from various countries (including UK, Germany, Switzerland, France, Mexico, and others) travelling with us in Russia and along the Trans-Mongolian railway, and everyone was very happy with their travel arrangements. You can view their recent comments on our social media resources.

All Russian consulates issue Russian visa and our visa department will assist you with the visa application process.

Travel to China

Update: the borders with China are open from 8 January 2023 for international tourists.

The borders with China remain closed for international tourism due to Covid restrictions. We will update this page once travel to China becomes possible.

When to book

We advise to book as early as possible as flight prices may become more expensive and flights availability is limited.

Please also note, internal tourism is booming in Russia and there is high demand for holidays in St. Petersburg, Moscow and some major cities along the Trans-Siberian railway.

Please do not delay your reservation to the last minute especially in summer.

Uncertainty and free cancellation policy

We understand that many may feel uncertain of their travel plans and future political and economic developments.

We guarantee free cancellation 3 weeks before departure for any reason (applies to new reservations only). We will refund all monies paid less actual costs incurred (e.g. visa costs, insurance costs, train ticket cancellation charges, etc.). You just need to inform us that you do not wish to travel and we will immediately process your cancellation.

Flights. For those who prefer more certainty we advise to book a refundable flight ticket, in this case you will get all money paid for the ticket back. Otherwise all flight cancellation will be processed according to the airline rules.

Travel insurance. We advise to purchase travel insurance and include cancellation option in your policy. In this case you will be covered for any unexpected cancellation charges.

Need to know before booking

Flights. At the moment, there are no direct flights between European countries and Russia. However, you can travel to Moscow or St. Petersburg via Turkey, Gulf States, Serbia, Azerbaijan and some other countries. Flight prices may be quite expensive depending on the season. We will email you the flight options and you will be able to choose the one you prefer.

Credit cards. International credit cards are not working in Russia at the moment. This may change in the near future. You can still take some cash and exchange locally. Your guides will be able to help you. In fact, you do not need to take much cash, you can budget for meals £10-15 per person per day. Alternatively you can prepay your meals (dinners) before departure and we will arrange your dinners for you.

Note on Ukraine conflict and your safety

We are all shocked and very saddened by the latest conflict and we sincerely hope that a peaceful resolution will be finally found.

Your safety is our highest priority and is central to the preparation and arrangement of all our tours.

We are not running any holidays close to the conflict zone. Travelling in Moscow and St Petersburg and on the Trans-Siberian railway remains safe.

All travellers are advised to read the FCO travel advice for the country they are travelling to. Please see up-to-date details on the FCO website:


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  1. Olga Davis

    Добрый день, нас интересует круиз по Волге или поезд от Москвы во Владивосток или в Пекин. Что вы можете предложить на авгуть 2023? Спасибо заранее.

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