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A Bird’s Eye View of Kiev From The Top Motherland Monument

In Kiev there was an opening of a lift that will take people to a height of 92 meters of the Motherland Monument. Tourists can go straight to a shield where an observation platform is.

There is a restricted access to this lift: elderly people, pregnant women, women on high hills and children under 12 years old won’t be allowed to go on the lift. This is due to a very steep stairs between the lifts which tourist will need to change.

For security reasons the lift will raise only two people at the time. On the way to the top guide tells the history of the memorial.

To get to the shield of the monument tourists will need to make two stops. The first stop is on a viewing platform which is 36 meters high (comparable with the height of 12-storey building), there are binoculars to view a panorama of the city. At the second stop the tourists will have to move from traditional vertical lift to an inclined lift, which goes along the statue’s hand straight to the shield.

The entire trip from the bottom to the top will take at least half an hour. The time allowed to spend at the platform is about 10-15 minutes.

Previously existed offer to go on the observation platform of the monument which is 36 meters high, is still on. It costs 50 hryvnia (about £4-5). The 92 meter height trip costs four times more – 200 hryvnia (about £16).

The Motherland Monument is a part of Great Patriotic War Museum. It was opened in 1981 in commemoration of a Victory in the 2nd World War. The total height of the steel monument and a concrete base is102 meters.


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