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Park Kievan Russ Aims at 1 Million Tourists This Year

Park Kievan Russ is a historical and cultural tourist complex in Ukraine, situated in village Kopachiv, about 21 miles from Kiev. The project aims at creation of a replica Detinets-Kremlin in ancient Kiev and revival of the Kievan Russ atmosphere of V-XIII centuries based on scientific research.

All ancient buildings and fortifications will be restored in their traditional shape and among them the palace of Prince Vladimir, the palace of Princess Olga, Fedorovsky monastery, the Tithe Church, and Yaroslav Courtyard.

The main difference of the complex as compared to other tourist attractions is that this is a live authentic vibrant city with streets, fairs and local people, recreating the atmosphere of ancient Kiev.

In the new season, the park offers its guests five major international film festivals, weekly themed weekends, new facilities and displays, guided tours in different languages. Archery tournament, and storming of the fortress events will also be held in the park this year. The first major event – the International Festival “Kiev Russ, XIII century” – will be held here from 21 to 22 May 2011. According to portal park’s administration aims at 1 million tourists in 2011.


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