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A Journey of Discovery: Russian Adventure Tours

You may be planning your summer holiday or getaway for 2014 and having a hard time finding something different. If you’ve experienced trips to the beaches and mountains and are looking for something different, we think you’ve found it. At Go Russia, we’re committed to bringing you the most unique tours around. From lands that people only dream of seeing to sites that are absolutely breathtaking, our Russian tours have got it all. But if you’re really looking for something new and exciting, think about booking one of our Russian adventure tours. With countless different adventures to choose from and an exciting daily itinerary, you’ll be in full adventure-mode.

5,642 Meters Above the Earth

Let’s start with one of our most adventurous tours, climbing the highest mountain in Europe. We invite you to join our guide and work to climb Mount Elbrus – one of the world’s Seven Summits. If you’re a lover of adventure and pushing your physical limits, you’ll want to conquer this huge mountain. This tour is recommended for people with climbing and hiking experience. Each day during the tour, you’ll work your way up to acclimatization and the highest peak of Mount Elbrus. Your second day with us will take you to the village of Terskol, where we’ll prepare you to make your climb. Each day the hikes include ample time for acclimatization and comfortable hotel stays. The southern route the tour takes is designed to be the most appealing high-altitude ascent with a moderate amount of incline. This climb requires a good acclimatization but very little difficulties. Finally on day 8, after safety precautions and acclimatization, you can attempt the summit. A celebration dinner follows in town to herald your adventure skills!



Wild at Heart

If you’re an animal lover, we’ve got a great tour that’s sure to thrill you. Join us for our horse riding tour through the Siberian forests to the Mountain Lakes. This tour is one of the most perfect ways to see Russia and everything it has to offer. You’ll be transported back to a simpler time, where the main mode of transportation was accomplished on horseback. This tour is perfect for the wild at heart – those that love adventure miles away from civilization. It’s just the right amount of relaxation and adventure. This tour begins in Moscow, the booming center of Russia. You’ll then travel with your guided group to Altai – the heart of Siberia. Altai is the heart of untouched Russian land, full of adventure and beauty. You’ll journey on horseback through largely untouched areas of forests, meadows, and mountain passes. These lands have some of the richest Russian history – where genuine descendants of Genghis Khan can still be found. You don’t need to be an expert horseback rider, but we do recommend this tour for people who are in good shape, as the changing altitudes and terrain can be a challenge.



The Best of the Best

Our last featured tour is one that comes with a rare, special event. This tour is referred to as our best of Kamchatka – Bears and Volcanoes. What makes this tour so special is the timing. The only time this particular tour is available is during the month of August – and for good reason. This is the very best time of the year to witness so many natural species in one location. This tour includes a trip to Kurilskoye Lake, which is one of the most impressive lakes in the whole world. Kurilskoye Lake lives in the crater of an ancient volcano. If that’s not amazing enough, this lake is recognized as the biggest spawning ground for pink salmon in the entire world. Naturally, the large number of pink salmon attracts some hungry visitors – brown bears. You’ll be able to watch the massive pink salmon swimming while the bears attempt to hunt them. During this time of year, the bears are unconcerned with humans, as they are too busy focusing on fishing. If this isn’t enough, the tour also features visits to more active volcanoes and natural geysers. You can even take a relaxing bath in the thermal hot springs! Pack your bags and get ready for an amazing 12-day trip this August!



We hope you enjoyed our feature of just a few of our adventure tours. If you’re really looking for a unique and exciting vacation, Go Russia can help. Our guided tours will help you travel through untouched Russian lands, exploring and learning the whole way. Get in contact with one of our travel experts today to book your dream Russian adventure tour.

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