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The Opening of the Fountains in Peterhof

Fountains are some of the most significant symbols of St-Petersburg city. The winter has gone and the magnificent fountains of St. Petersburg are about to come to life.

The fountains of Peterhof are one of Russia’s most famous tourist attractions, drawing millions of visitors every year. Fountains were intrinsic to Peter the Great’s original plans for Peterhof – it was the impossibility of engineering sufficiently powerful jets of water that prompted him to move his attentions from the Strelna site to Peterhof – and subsequent generations competed with their predecessors to add grander and ever more ingenious water features to the parkland surrounding the Grand Palace.

Peterhof Fountain Season starts with the Grand Ceremony of the Fountains Opening held in Peterhof on May 16, 2015. An all-day festival with classical music, fireworks, and performances signifies the opening of the fountains of the Peterhof Palace. We highly recommend catching this festive celebration.


One thought on “The Opening of the Fountains in Peterhof

  1. Diana George

    Peterhof palace is one of the most important Russian sights on your trip to Russia. The palace and the park ensemble on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland. It is about 30 km from the main city of St. Petersburg.

    Construction of Peterhof palace proceeded about two centuries.The main idea of its creation, the planning decisions and plans of decorating belong to Peter-I. Before Russian revolution, the palace actually served as the imperial residence.In 1918 palaces were turned into the museum and tourist destination to let the world know about this greatest architecture of Russian rulers.

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