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Book domestic and international train tickets in Russia

We can help with domestic and international train tickets in Russia. Please note, there are only two international destinations currently available in Russia: Belarus and Mongolia.

Our company offers a wide selection of services for those who want to travel by train in Russia or to / from Mongolia. We can provide you with information on train schedules, train tickets prices, available travel classes, discounts, and more.

We have a convenient online booking system that makes it easy to book your train tickets in Russia or to / from Ulaanbaatar. This service is available for all major train routes in Russia and we highly recommend it for anyone who is planning to travel by train.

International train Irkutsk – Ulaanbaatar

  • Train from Ulaanbaatar to Irkutsk. Train 305 departs Ulaanbaatar to Irkutsk on Tuesdays (01 May to 30 August), Saturdays and Sundays at 15:22 and arrives in Irkutsk next day at 15:15 local time.
  • Train from Irkutsk to Ulaanbaatar. Train 306 departs Irkutsk on Mondays (01 May to 30 August), Tuesdays and Fridays at 07:57, arrival in Mongolia at 06:38 next day.

Under current circumstances this is one of the options to travel from Russia abroad or to reach Russia from abroad.

Price of train tickets to Mongolia

Prices start from £175 / $225 per person travelling in second class. Second class is a compartment with 4 berths, meaning there will be 4 people in your compartment. First class – 2 berth compartment. There are two lavatories per carriage.

How to book a train ticket in Russia or an international ticket from / to Mongolia?

Just go to our dedicated train booking page, choose your destination, travel dates and class, indicate a number of people. You will be given price options. If you wish to confirm, just click “book”, enter passenger passport details, make a payment. We will issue the train tickets and email them to you. Please note all domestic and international train tickets are electronic now, you do not need to come to our office in Russia or Mongolia to collect them.

If there are any issues with tickets availability, we will come back to you and reconfirm alternative options.

We can book any destination served by the Russian railways. If your desired city is not available in our train booking engine, please contact us and will send you train schedule and prices.

How can I pay for a train ticket?

If you are planning to travel by train in Russia, it is important to note that it is not possible to use international credit cards to purchase tickets while in the country. This is due to financial sanctions that have been in place since 2022.

Luckily, we offer an option to prebook your train tickets so that you can avoid any issues when you arrive in Russia or Mongolia. We accept all major credit cards (visa, master, American express), you can also make a bank transfer. All payment details will be displayed in your confirmation invoice.

Train to Helsinki

There are no train tickets between Russia and Finland, they were stopped in 2022 following the recent conflict with Ukraine. The only option to travel to Russia from Finland is by bus, it takes 8 hours to get from Helsinki to St. Petersburg.

Book your train tickets

If you are planning to travel by train in Russia, we can help you make the most of your trip. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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