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The Russian Company Has Created Its Capsule Hotel

Capsule Hotel

Russian architectural firm “Arch Group” has developed capsule hotels “Sleepbox”.

Its futuristic design reminds of “The Fifth Element” film.

The mobile 3.75 m2 unit can be located anywhere people need a place to rest or relax. The hotel designed primarily for short-term leisure travellers in airports, train stations and even in the exhibition and shopping malls.

Sleepbox is equipped with a ventilation system, sound alerts, built-in LCD TV, WiFi, sockets for a laptop, charging phones and space for luggage. After clients leave the unit, the automatic change of bed linen starts and the quartz lamps turn on. A person can pay at a shared terminal, which provides the client with an electronic key. It is possible to stay in the unit from 15 minutes to several hours.


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