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Leonardo da Vinci’s Machines in St. Petersburg

The Military History Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps in St-Petersburg, Russia will hold an exhibition with 65 of the machines invented by Leonardo da Vinci and built by modern specialists.

According to the organisers, not only will the exhibition explore Leonardo da Vinci’s role as an engineer but also his life as an anatomist, musician, architect, sculptor and of course as one of the most important artists of the Renaissance period.

The majority of objects and machines will be presented on a 1:1 scale. While working on the exhibition, specialists have primarily used the technologies and materials which were at the disposal of contemporary Italians in the XV century – wood, cotton, copper, iron, canvas and cord.

Reproductions of the most famous paintings by Leonardo da Vinci will also be on display. They include such masterpieces as ‘Lady with an Ermine’, the ‘Mona Lisa’ and ‘Annunciation’.

In addition, Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous painting of the 1490s, ‘The Last Supper’ and the world-renowned ‘The Vitruvian Man’ cartoon will be shown in 3D.


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