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The Memorial Museum of Gherman Titov is now open in the Altai Region

On the 6th of August after large-scale reconstruction works, the memorial museum for the great Soviet cosmonaut Gherman Titov was opened to the public.

Gherman Titov became the second man to orbit the Earth aboard “Vostok 2”.

The museum is situated in the village of Polkovnikova in the Altai Region. It is here where Gherman Titov lived and studied as a young man. The centrepieces of the museum collection are Titov’s spacesuit and a model of the ship “Vostok 2”.

Visitors can also find rare documents concerning space flight, as well as telegrams, photographs and publications from Soviet and foreign magazines and newspapers. There are many interesting facts on Gherman Titov’s life, his working days and friendship with Yuri Gagarin. One of the museum’s collections is dedicated entirely to the Altai Region and space activity that has taken from there, which included the landing in the Altai Region of the first female cosmonaut – Valentina Tereshkova.



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