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Artworks by Antonello da Messina in the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

The exhibition, “Antonello da Messina” in the Tretyakov Gallery is dedicated to the Year of Italian Culture and Language in Russia.

Antonello da Messina is an Italian artist who worked during the early Renaissance period.

Russian museum collections do not own any works by this talented artist which makes this particular exhibition so special.

There are only around 70 paintings by Antonello da Messina known to currently exist in the world. Some of them can be found on display in the ‘Old Masters Picture Gallery’ in Dresden, the ‘National Gallery’ in London and the ‘Louvre Museum’ in Paris. In museums in Sicily, (the home town of Antonello da Messina) there are just 7 paintings, and 4 of these have been transferred to Moscow for this exhibition.

The exhibition will be open for the public until 20th November 2011.

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