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Cruiser “Aurora” will Disappear for a While

The legendary cruiser "Aurora", which stands on moors in the Neva River in St. Petersburg, will be closed for a visit and towed to the dock for repairing works. During these works all its systems will be completely restored.

According to the current schedule, the repairs of the cruiser will start in September 2013 and will be completed by summer 2014. Then a renovation of its historic appearance is planned. This work will require about three years. According to the advance plan, during the restoration the cruiser will receive navigational and communication equipment, as well as a diesel-electric propulsion system (instead of steam boilers).

"Aurora" was launched in May 1900. Length of the ship is 126.8 meters, width is 16.8 meters, draught is 6.4 meters. Currently the cruiser that took part in the revolutionary events of 1917 is a museum.


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