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Eastern Dream Ferry – Connection between Russia, South Korea and Japan

Ferry Russia - Korea - JapanDid you know? There is a regular sea connection between Russia, Korea and Japan that regular tourists can use.

M.V. Eastern Dream offers regular sea connection between Russia, South Korea and Japan. This is an optimal choice for you if you would like to continue your Trans-Siberian tour further east or alternatively you can arrive from Japan and join our trip from Vladivostok to Moscow.

Eastern Dream is a big modern ferry with accommodation capacity of up to 530 people including 50 cabins crew. It can carry 66 vehicles and 130 containers. The ferry is operated by a South Korean company so you will encounter Asian approach in vessel design and facilities onboard. There are 3 decks equipped with economy, second, first and VIP class cabins with beds or traditional Asian floor mattresses. The ferry also features a restaurant, night club, bar, sauna, karaoke club and duty free shop. There is also a main lobby and reception on B (2nd) deck. Read more about ferry cabins.

Go Russia is able to provide ferry tickets for both: our Trans-Siberian tour customer and also as a separate service. Read more about ferry service between Russia, Korea and Japan.

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One thought on “Eastern Dream Ferry – Connection between Russia, South Korea and Japan

  1. Irene @ Fuiviagens

    I think many people don’t know about the Trans-Siberian route or about the existence of this ferry which can get them to Japan. My recommendation, after finishing the route, would be not to stop in Vladivostok.


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