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Fancy a drink in Moscow? Try “Profsoyuz” Bar

We suggest going to Bar “Profsoyuz”, actually a collection of different bars and pubs under one roof (over 20 bars) located in a former Soviet publishing house. When creating this project, the owners took as a basis the concept of the “Quarter of ruin bars” in the centre of Budapest where a number of restaurants and cafes were opened in dilapidated buildings.

“Profsoyuz” is designed in such a way that you can walk around it for a long time. Most of the bars are located around a pretty square with a fountain. There are trees growing in giant pots and large windows, which create the feeling that you are in the open air.

Leaving the square, you find yourself in a long corridor with many other establishments where you can order drinks and some food (even oysters are available). There is also a dance floor and as they call it “The smallest bar in the world” designed just for two peopleю

A very nice place to try local Russian beers. Prices are more than reasonable. Near the place you will also find a number of different restaurants.

How to get to Profsoyuz

The bar is located near the metro station Mendeleevskaya, just a minute walk from the station.

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