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Update on postponed reservations

Update: 28 September 2021


There is no quarantine requirement in Russia for tourists. You just need to present a negative PCR test before boarding a plane to Russia. Russia cancels 14 day quarantine requirement for UK arrivals from 04 Sep 2021. Official info –


List of countries with which Russia has resumed air connection. Nationals and residents of the countries listed below are allowed to enter Russia as tourists. The list is compiled to the best of our knowledge, please reconfirm with our consultants, local authorities or airlines representatives when planning your future travel.

  1. Albania (charter flights)
  2. Armenia
  3. Austria
  4. Azerbaijan
  5. Bahrain
  6. Belarus
  7. Belgium
  8. Bulgaria
  9. Croatia
  10. Cuba
  11. Cyprus
  12. Czech Republic
  13. Denmark
  14. Djibouti
  15. Dominican Republic
  16. Egypt
  17. Ethiopia
  18. Finland
  19. France
  20. Germany
  21. Greece
  22. Hungary
  23. Iceland
  24. India
  25. Iraq
  26. Ireland
  27. Italy
  28. Japan
  29. Jordan
  30. Kazakhstan
  31. Kenya
  32. Korea
  33. Kyrgyzstan
  34. Lebanon
  35. Luxembourg
  36. Maldives
  37. Malta
  38. Mauritius
  39. Mexico
  40. Moldova
  41. Morocco
  42. New Zealand
  43. North Macedonia
  44. Peru
  45. Portugal
  46. Qatar
  47. Saudi Arabia
  48. Serbia
  49. Seychelles
  50. Singapore
  51. Slovakia
  52. South Africa
  53. Spain
  54. Sri Lanka
  55. Switzerland
  56. Syria
  57. Tajikistan
  58. Turkey
  59. United Arab Emirates
  60. United Kingdom
  61. USA
  62. Uzbekistan
  63. Venezuela
  64. Vietnam


Finally 2020 is over and we hope that all difficulties we faced that year will be step by step over as well. It was a really challenging year for international tourism and we are very thankful to all our clients for your understanding and flexibility in postponing your 2020 tours. As we can see now at the beginning of 2021, the borders between Russia and the UK are closed and we fully understand that you can worry about your transferred tours. To answer your potential questions please see below the updated information regarding your reservations:

  1. We DON’T cancel our tours in 2021. Despite we can hear worries in some e-mails from our clients that 2021 will be the same as 2020, we understand that no one can predict future. 2020 showed all of us how quickly everything could change and we want to believe in changes for the better. Thus, we follow only official regulations and for the current moment, the borders are closed until 12 January 2021. 
  2. We keep an eye on the news and if your postponed tour is not possible to operate, we will definitely contact you and offer you alternative options.
  3. Closer to the date of your transferred tour you will receive an e-mail from us requesting to reconfirm your travel plans and your new dates. Please don’t worry that we book anything for you without your reconfirmation.
  4. We understand that your plans can change. If your new tour is not cancelled officially you can do it according to our standard booking conditions. Basically it means you will not be able to recover your deposit if you cancel your reservation. However we will do our best to change the dates of your holiday or rebook you to a different tour without any further charges.
  5. Flight dates changes. If you booked a tour with flights, we’ve ordered flights vouchers that are generally valid for 2-3 years. It means if we have to change your dates again it’s possible without any problem.

So we really suggest to wait closer to your planned travel date and not to panic and not to cancel your holidays based on sporadic feelings.

How Go Russia responds to Covid-19

We would also like to give you some update on our response to those unprecedented times and how we deal with the situation, our financial stability, etc. Read more…

We wish all of you safe travelling with minimum restrictions all over the world this year!

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