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How to get to / from Russia now

We are very saddened by the latest political events, and we sincerely hope that a peaceful resolution will be found to a conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

We have friends, relatives, and colleagues in both beloved countries as many other people in Europe, America or other parts of the world do, and now is the question of when we will see them again? We can’t get to Ukraine right now due to the latest announcement from the authorities in Ukraine that they have closed their airspace to civilian flights amid safety concerns.

The war conflict is not taking place on the territory of the Russian Federation, but the 36 nations were banned from Russia’s airspace, because of imposed sanctions against Russia.  There are no direct flights to Russia from the UK, US, and most European countries. The European airlines are not giving any timeframes on the imposed travel ban. Aeroflot, the main air carrier in Russia, has introduced restrictions till 30 April 2022.

By Air

However if you need to urgently travel to / from the Russian Federation, for business or personal reasons, you can still do it via third countries such as Turkey, UAE, Serbia, and some other countries. Turkish Airlines have increased their flight numbers to Russia, you’ll find many flight options via Istanbul. For more detailed information please visit the official website of the airline.

By Train

If you are a Russian or Finnish passport holder, you can get to / from Russia, St.-Petersburg by train (high-speed Allegro train) from / to Helsinki, Finland. Currently, only citizens of Finland and Russia are allowed to board the train. The train is operating as normal (twice a day); we can help you with train tickets reservation from / to Finland. You can book train tickets online on our website.

Visa Services

The visa centres and consulates are open and taking all visas type applications. There are no any restrictions as far as tourist or business visas are concerned. The opening times might be different due to reduced applications numbers, please check all information on the official website of the visa centre or local consulate. You can find it here, please select the country of your residence:

Covid Restrictions

Just to remind you about covid entry rules to Russia. All foreign nationals still have to provide a negative PCR test result taken not earlier than two days before arrival in Russia.

If you have any questions regarding travel to Russia, need visa assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Our thoughts and hearts are with the people in Ukraine but let’s stay humans no matter what.

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