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Book with Confidence. Customer Reassurance given Covid Uncertainties

Although the world is gradually coming back to normal life and more and more restrictions are being removed, there is still some uncertainty as far as international travel is concerned.

We want to give all our customer reassurance when booking their next holiday with Go Russia.


All monies paid to our company are financially secured by our insolvency protection arrangements or ATOL scheme. It means that in the unlikely event of our bankruptcy you will get your money back. More details about financial protection of your holiday.


When you book your holiday, you must pay a deposit. Please note, we do not request to pay a deposit immediately when you reserve your holiday. You pay a deposit only once all travel arrangements have been agreed with you and you are happy with the proposed travel plan.

Your final payment is due 4 weeks before departure, we have reduced this from 8 weeks.


Land only travel arrangements. All customers are entitled to free cancellation / rebooking of the land-only part of their holidays if their travel arrangement are affected by covid related issues, such as:

  • government imposed travel restrictions, which make international travel impossible (borders closures, lockdown or similar events);
  • you are tested covid positive 3 days before your holiday departure date.

Please note, you will still be liable for all actual costs incurred (eg. issued visas), but these represent a very small fraction of your holiday price. We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance, as now most insurance policies provide cover for covid related issues. You will be able to recover all money paid for your holiday (even non-refundable costs)..You will also be covered even in case your immediate relative or travelling companion falls ill with COVID-19.

Flights. All flight cancellations / rebookings will be processed according to the airline rules. In case there are Covid related flight restrictions, airlines normally offer flexible rebooking options or refunds. Your insurance will cover you for any unexpected costs.


Land only travel arrangements – flexible rebooking options. If you simply do not wish to travel on your planned date for any other reason, we will do our best to preserve your payments and not impose cancellation charges. Instead, we will offer you to rebook your holiday to a different date and transfer your payments to another holiday. Should you wish to rebook last minute, all actual charges incurred will be added to your invoice (eg. visa fees, etc.).

Should you wish to cancel and not to postpone your trip, our standard cancellation charges will apply.

Flights. If you cancel your flight for any other reason, it may be more difficult to get a refund or rebook your flight to a different date. You might consider paying a supplement to get a flexible ticket that allows cancelation / date change. Your travel consultant will offer various flight options for your holiday.

Do not hesitate to book your holiday with Go Russia. Travel with confidence!

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